уторак, 16. новембар 2021.

Love these heels





Good morning, my dears. I got up a little earlier than usual, and in a very good mood. And how could I not be when I decided to treat myself to something. If I had to choose between clothes and shoes, I would always choose shoes. But not any. I’m honestly not a person who wears sneakers, ballet flats, or anything straight. I love high heels, so I wear them even in the apartment, like slippers. That's why the UP2STEP site is perfect for me. 


I think everything will be clear to you as soon as you look at the pictures I have prepared for you. The first association is of course me. I can imagine so much in these models. Although realistically, I can’t buy just about everything right now, haha. The question is what to choose first. I didn't like autumn and winter before, but now I only like them because I can wear boots then. I love Pleaser Boots. My favorite clothing combination is a dress, over a leather jacket or jacket, and boots above the knee. That's always effective, isn't it? I like a striking, unusual habit, and very often they stop me on the street and ask where I bought something. Gothic style footwear is especially good. High platforms, black or even some crazy colors, it all looks great. Here you can see the entire offer and all my favorites. Be sure to let me know your impressions. What do you like? Maybe something like this, like black discreet lounges for some celebrations?


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